Whitemarsh Police Officers Benevolent Association (WPOBA)

For over eighty (80) years, members of the Whitemarsh Township Police Department have been serving the community of Whitemarsh Township. It’s members have been and continue to be dedicated to that cause.

The Whitemarsh Police Officers Benevolent Association (WPOBA) was created in 2009 to help protect those who serve and to serve those who protect Whitemarsh Township.

WPOBA is a not-for-profit, professional organization funded by membership dues and citizen contributions.

History of the Whitemarsh Police Department

During the early 1920’s, the Pennsylvania State Motor Patrol, forerunner to the State Police, provided law enforcement in Whitemarsh Township.

The formation of the Whitemarsh Police Department occurred on June 1st, 1930. Two (2) officers were hired to provide protection to the township’s 5000 residents. It wasn’t until in 1951, with the increase in the departments members, that allowed for staffing on a 24-hour service bases.

By 1997, the force increased to thirty-three (33) sworn officers assisted by radio dispatchers and clerical staff. Today, a complement of approximately thirty-six (36) sworn officers makes up a fully-staffed department.

We are very proud of our Eighty-plus (80) year history.